Online Workforce College

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Co-Lin has been a constant workforce ally in Southwest MS by providing in-person customized programs and classes, along with a healthy offering of online professional development opportunities. The events from recent months ushered in the heightened awareness that skills training needs to be better accessible, and the demands on the workforce are shifting at a faster pace within our District and the region.  In light of these trends, Copiah-Lincoln Community College Workforce Education continued the pursuit of new methods for equipping individuals and supporting employers through quality, affordable, relevant skill improving opportunities. As a result, innovations were made including the newest addition of the Mississippi Online Workforce College (MSOWC) network to the Co-Lin training catalog. This growing library of online workforce topics includes, but are not limited to Industrial Training, Manufacturing, Logistics, Employability, Soft-Skills, Workplace Safety, Basic Technology, Networking, IT Security, and Coding.


This addition is an extraordinary opportunity as it provides skills training to individuals that nurtures a more competitive workplace; promotes improved quality of life by providing training pathways that lead to higher wages; and provides employers a more productive, educated workforce through customized training solutions. The courses are self-paced, affordable, aligned with industry standards, and available 24/7.



Skill groups are individual skills courses grouped together to help you achieve mastery of a complete skill set. Pathways can guide you to credentials whether you are simply looking for a job or you want to refine the skills you already have. Skill training courses offer an extensive list of over 700 topics from a refresher in writing resumes to robotics training. Career pathways allow those who are unemployed or underemployed to obtain skills and level up to a job or a better paying job. Skills group pathways are available to improve the skills needed for an existing job. Employer-focused pathways offer opportunities to HR and training directors who need customized training for present and future employees.


Badges and Credentials

Badges provide evidence to employers that training has been successfully completed by an individual. These credentials not only document completion but also supplies course data that verifies the authenticity and explains training criteria. Badges also allow individuals to share their achievements on social media, resumes, and various online venues. All credentials in the Online Workforce College are aligned with objectives and quality standards set forth by Mississippi Community Colleges.