Program Training Policy

Workforce Education Training Policies

The Workforce Education Division will operate its training/courses in accord with the Copiah-Lincoln Community College Student Handbook* available on each campus of the college.

The following items are of particular concern in Workforce Training Courses and merit special mention to students:

  1. There will be no cell phone use in the classroom or laboratory. See Cell Phones and Pagers section of the Student Handbook.*
  2. Students must be properly dressed prior to the beginning of training/class. There will be no changing of clothing during the training class or laboratory period.
  3. Where applicable, students must have a backpack, duffle bag or other container to keep personal training tools, equipment and other gear. (Example: Welding helmet, goggles, hand tools) Tools and other items are not to be borrowed from other students. All personal items are to be removed from the training site after each day’s training.
  4. Textbooks and laboratory manuals are to be brought to each training period unless instructed otherwise.
  5. There will be no eating or drinking in the classroom. Some laboratory situations may allow drinks (water, soda) in plastic containers. This is determined by the instructor. Your training area must be cleaned of any trash upon completion of the training/class period.
  6. Refreshment and restroom breaks will be scheduled for extended training/class periods. Break areas will be designated by the instructor. Students must not go to their vehicle without permission from the instructor. Students are to abide by the time allotted for break.
  7. Students must inform the instructors should an emergency arise which requires them to leave the training/course area.
  8. There will be no tolerance for disruption of the educational process in the training/class area (classroom or laboratory). This includes but is not limited to conversations during training/class period, profane language, horseplay or other physical activity, reading unrelated materials, sleeping or any other activity deemed disruptive by the instructor. Also see Personal Conversation section of the Student Handbook.*
  9. Smoking and other tobacco use is prohibited. This is a tobacco free campus.

Class Attendance

The mission of the Copiah-Lincoln Community College Workforce Education Division is to prepare students for the work force by teaching technical skills and employability skills. In view of this goal, the following attendance policy has been adopted to aid the student in developing appropriate and professional employability skills in the area of attendance.


Policy Statement: Regular class attendance is very important to college success; therefore, students are expected to attend class unless it is absolutely necessary to be absent. Students are expected to make up all work missed due to absences. Note: A penalty may be assessed for work not made up at the discretion of the instructor for the class missed. Each instructor will be responsible for explaining his/her policy to students at the beginning of the training/course. No absence is considered free. Students will be responsible to provide a justifiable reason for each absence. Substantiation should be provided in written form. For example, a doctor’s excuse, obituary, legal documents, etc.



The cut out point in Workforce training/courses meeting three times a week is four absences. Three absences allowed for classroom meetings. One absence allowed for clinical rotations.



A tardy is defined as missing up to ten (10) minutes of class. Two tardies constitute one absence. A student is counted absent if more than ten minutes late to class or absent anytime for more than ten minutes. Workforce students who are absent or tardy more than ten (10) minutes from a daily lab period will be counted absent for that lab period.


A student who is tardy must notify the instructor of their presence in class at the end of the class.


*The Copiah-Lincoln Community College Student Handbook may be downloaded at this link: